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Well, obviously I just want to say thank you to everybody; an incredible cast an incredible crew. Seems like a lifetime ago that I had to do this speech at the beginning of the shoot. Oh god, that was a long time ago. You know as a director, it can be kind of a lonely job, at times you feel like you’re by yourself trying to solve problems but then everybody steps in and suddenly I realize I’ve got this incredible support and a lot of the you guys have got my back and you’re behind me. And for that I’m incredibly grateful. Thank you.
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I am so sick of seeing tweets, tumblr posts, facebook statuses about how “stupid people are for liking Justin Bieber” (or any band or artist, really). It’s just such a dumb thing to say.

Now, I can only speak for myself when I say this, but music means the world to me. Without music, I would not be where I am today. Hell, I’m not sure I would even be alive

My life has been a constant struggle, a series of ups and downs, high highs and low lows. And during the deepest, lowest, darkest of times, music has always been there to pick me up. And it’s not just a specific band or artist, but music in general. It brings me comfort like nothing else. And I’d be willing to bet money that I am not the only one. The only one who finds comfort and help in music when things get tough. 

And every time, when life has been kicking and beating me until I’m lying on the ground, music has offered its hand, helping me up and teaching me to walk again. 

Rex puts it so well in Musicians:

I owe musicians so much that they will never know

I could make this into one long fucking speech, going on and on about who I can thank for still having my sanity intact, but that’s not really the point. And there really are too many for me to mention; The Maine, John Mayer, All Time Low, Every Avenue, The Summer Set, We are the in crowd, Demi Lovato and so on. The point is: you do not know my story. You do not know what I have been through or what my life is like. And until you do, you have absolutely no right to call me an idiot for liking a certain band or artist, just like you have absolutely no right to call anybody else an idiot for liking their favorite band or artist either, for you don’t know their story. Is it really so hard for you to accept that people actually don’t like the same things you do? Because if that’s the case, life will continue to be hard for you, my friend.

It is so inspiring to read people’s stories, and how music has saved them. I recently read something that Demi Lovato retweeted, a girl named Kayla who suffers from a rare heart disease tweeted her, I don’t remember exactly what it said, but it moved me to tears. And yesterday I watched Demi’s documentary Stay strong, and there was a young, beautiful girl who said that Demi inspired her to go without her wig for the first time. You cannot call someone who has that kind of connection with music an idiot. Hell, you can’t call anyone who has a connection at all to music an idiot.

This turned into a much lengthier word vomit than I planned, but it just upsets me to no fucking and, and honestly, the only idiot in these particular scenarios are the ones who think other people are idiots for liking a certain band/artist. 

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Tony Bennett & John Mayer - One For My Baby (And One For The Road) (Live @ PBS Great Performances)

Stupid program cut the last few seconds, sorry about that.


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For the family…



For those of you who don’t have the songs released by Villanova Junction I have uploaded it for you to enjoy.

You can download it here.

 Thanks so much for uploading this music!!!   ~Kate

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and thanks so much for those of you that have already done this! <3 <3 <3

 Please just click it. “Like” Esteban and then “Like” that photo and that’s it! You can make one crazy woman very happy :)

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Remember when this happened?  Longest version of Wheel EVER!

PS:  Check out that blue JMWristband John is wearing… ah-huh.

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